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Zinc has been serving the Texas for two decades, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Choosing the Right Technology Leads to Increased Business Success

Choosing the Right Technology Leads to Increased Business Success

“If a craftsman wants to do good work, he must first sharpen his tools.” Like so many of the other quotes attributed to Confucious, this phrase is no less true today, even in the realm of business technology. It should come as no surprise that implementing the right technology for your particular business needs will produce greater results.

The real question is how to identify the technology that will contribute to the overall success of your organization.

Generally Speaking, Technology Brings Businesses Lots of Benefits

The following is a sampling of just some of the advantages that modern IT tools regularly bring businesses:

Data-Supported Decisions

Regardless of your industry, data brings with it great value in and of itself… provided it is properly utilized. The technology available today allows businesses to process and analyze huge swaths of data far more quickly and effectively than could ever be done manually.

Agility and Productivity

There’s always the possibility that you’ll need to adjust your processes for one reason or another, so the capability to do so relatively easily is invaluable. In addition to helping you and your team work more productively, modern IT allows you to make the shift very easily.

Simplified Costs and Space Needs

A lot of today’s business options are now available through more cost-effective means, thanks to the widespread embrace of the cloud, as the cloud enables you to only invest in what you actually need. Plus, utilizing the cloud allows you to pull back on your onsite infrastructure, saving space and money.

Improved Returns on Investments

There are enough means for newer technology to improve your ROI that we can’t practically list them all here, but some highlights include the capability to automate tasks, improving staff morale, and helping time be spent more effectively. Implementing the right technology makes all of the above and more far more attainable, enabling you to get more out of your processes.

Enhanced Customer Service

Finally, IT can make it much more simple to provide additional value to customers and clients. Support can be obtained using chatbots—or at the very least, the support process can be accelerated by the information gathering these chatbots can facilitate.

How to Kickstart a Technology-Based Business Transformation

Identify Business Needs and Deficits

First off, you need to know where the implementation of technology will do you the most good, enabling you to focus your efforts where they will prove most impactful. Do you want to be more efficient, save more in terms of costs or time, elevate your customer service capacity? Knowing the answer will enable you to proceed.

Seek Out the Solutions and Plan to Implement Them

Next, you’ll need to identify which technologies will best fit your business’ needs. This will require a consideration of what your budget will allow, as well as what your team will be able to adopt with relative ease. After these technologies are identified, you should put your plan to paper, developing a timeline and determining what resources you’ll need to accomplish it.

Stress-Test Your New Technologies

You should then put your plans into action, training your team to utilize your new technology in their processes and adjusting these processes as obstacles arise. Make sure you take note of all successes and failures during this time, as this data will be critical in the near future.

Review Your Results, Adjusting and Repeating as Necessary

After some time has passed, review all those successes and failures to determine how successful your technology implementation has been thus far. Your successes should be analyzed with the intention of replicating their results, where any shortfalls should be considered and addressed with changes to your process. From there, repeat your testing and revising until you are satisfied with the results.

We Can Help You Bypass Much of This Process

Turn to Zinc for assistance with your business’ technology. We’ve already taken the time to identify the most beneficial technologies for different needs and have built our services around this information. You can take advantage of all this simply by signing up for our managed services. Get started today by calling (713) 979-2090!

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